On this page, we've compiled some quick reference material that will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the Library. If you have further questions about the Library or your research, call us at 541-881-5929 or email us at library@0dream.net.

You can find our hours on our About page.

Your Student ID card is your Library card. Before you can use your card to check out material or log onto the databases, you need to activate your Library account by registering at the Library or through the Library card request page Caldwell students can register their Library accounts at the Caldwell campus Student Services desk.

Request a Library Card

There are several ways to access the research databases. You can use the enCompass search bar on the Library home page, which will search through our Library catalog and most research databases simultaneously, or you can access each database individually.


If you are using the databases off campus, you need to log in to use the services. If you are using the enCompass search bar, you will log in with your Library card number and your Library pin number. If you are using the databases individually, you will log in with the database passwords printed on the most current password card. You can pick up a password card at the Library or request one by email.

There is a small computer lab for student use in the Library. All the computers are connected to a printer. At this time, we can only print in black and white ink. To check your printing account or to purchase more pages, visit your my.tvcc account.

We also have a scanner with study system for student, staff, and faculty use in the Library. The KIC scanner allows you to scan textbooks, documents, loose photos, or other large documents to create searchable PDFs, JPEGs, audio MP3s, or rich text documents that you can send directly to your email or USB drive. The scanner also connects to a free study app called MyDocs (available for Apple or Android) that will allow you to create PDFs, audio MP3s, and electronic flashcards from your scanned textbook chapters. Watch a video about the KIC scanner and study system here.

Students, staff, and faculty always have access to Wifi at the Library. They must register their devices to the 威尼斯人娱乐城 Wifi network by following the instructions on my.tvcc. Community members can also access the Wifi network. They must register with us at the Library circulation desk.

You may see us visit your classroom to give information literacy instruction. If your teacher asks you to take the information literacy course outside of class time, or if you just want to refresh your research skills, you can schedule an individual tutorial session with the Librarians or take our online class on Canvas. Contact the Library for more information.

There are no dedicated testing areas in the Library. Please plan to take your tests in the campus testing center

While there is not a Library on the Caldwell campus, Caldwell students can use all our services. You can register for a Library account at the Caldwell campus Student Services desk, request Library materials to be sent to the Caldwell campus by using the Holds option in the SAGE catalog  and take our online Information Literacy course on Canvas. Library materials can be checked out or returned at the Student Services desk.